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New Forums New IP!

Jacksonnn Owner posted Apr 3, 15

New ip:

New website: http://www.the-hub-mc.enjin.comh

New Forums New Website!!

xXCompWizXx Owner posted Feb 15, 15

I have made a new website and it is not a enjin site. It is professionally made and we have new forums.

The website is hosted by Hostgator. I have been working on the forums and trying to find the best forums for my server. I have decided to go with XenForo. It is version 1.4.4 (Latest Version as of now) and I have been trying to make it perfect for our players.

It includes alot of features not able on Enjin. Hence why I made it professionally made.

The website

If you click the Old Forums tab it will bring you to this page. If you click Server Forums it will bring you ro the new XenForo forums. (If you are on a mobile device it will add something to the end and it will say invalid page. To fix that press the forums tab at the top or simply just put

~RC Staff Team

Help Out the Server!

xXCompWizXx Owner posted Feb 9, 15

I have set up a group paying thing set up to the side at the bottom of the page for the website to be upgraded.


I also need you to vote so that we can get the server to have alot of players!


Next thing,  soon on the donation store, I need money for this fund raiser at school and fundraiser at my martial arts school. Please help out as soon as you can. There will be four options, Ifou want to donate for a smaller price please tell me when you see me.


The four options are going to be:





Donations and Players!

Jacksonnn Owner posted Feb 1, 15

Thank you VortexPit and MineBuilder16 for being the first 2 Donators! I might give you two a small present but I am not sure. And I have upgraded the server plan so the server has as many slots as I want and there shouldn't not be as much lag as there usually is now! We had 2 GB of RAM but now we have 4 GB of Ram! We need more donations if we want to upgrade to the unlimited plan which let's us do many things lag free! 


Now let's discuss players. 


Our normal player count is low. We have like 1-3 normal players on if there is a staff on or something. I want this to change. In the past people left the server because it lagged. Hince why I needed donations and I still do. I upgraded the server for you guys. Now I need players. Can we do it ? Can we get 5 normal players on? Can we get 10? 20? 30? 40?!?!?!?!?!? With everyone trying we can accomplish everything!



xXCompWizXx Owner posted Jan 24, 15
The maintenance has begun! From 12:08 AM EST to around 8:30 PM EST the server will be whitelisted. Please post any bugs you noticed in the forums. If you are staff post it in the the staff area forums.

~RC Staff
MineBuilder16 VIP wait its fixed never mind
MineBuilder16 VIP the matnence created a bug, i went into the nether and i crashed, not like kick off crash but minecraft crash. Now every...


Jacksonnn Owner posted Jan 11, 15
Maintenence on the way!
We have a scheduled maintenance on January 24th which I belive is a Saturday.  Please post any bugs in the forums so I can fix it. When you post them post them in the suggestions category until I get the bug reports forum going later tomorrow.

Thank you from RC staff!
Jacksonnn Owner I will try to look in the slimefun config and plugin.yml and see if I can fix that.
MineBuilder16 VIP A bug is that when the server crashes sometimes all backpacks will be turned into normal chests and the players lose any...
CoryGraphix Hey! I'm new here but I was just researching my way around google etc, when I typed my name of my server ( TheRealm...


xXCompWizXx Owner posted Jan 5, 15
Attention to everyone ho pays attention to this site or is reading this now,

I would like to mention that the record for how many players have been on the server is 30 people all at once. I want to make the goal to break that record. Please Advertise ad Donate so we can reach this goal.

Thankyou from All Realm-Craft Staff



Jacksonnn Owner posted Dec 13, 14
The server will be going to maintenance on December 20th all staff members and artists are white listed not normnorml players. The server will be updating 1.8 to 1.8 in the process. 
~RC Staff Team.
Bob_857 so i just tryed going on and it said im not whiteisted and u said its already passed...
Jacksonnn Owner Bob this has already passed. But if we were to then yes only staff can play, but they wouldnt be playing they would be h...
Bob_857 so any players like me cant play? or do we have to get whitelisted? and when will it be compleate???

Server Rolled Back

Jacksonnn Owner posted Dec 11, 14
Sorry for the inconvenience but the server rolled back from 2 weeks ago. Thank cavemaster120 for that.

Please do not join the server with a hacked client. As we Don't allow them.
~RC Staff Team

Donating not working???

xXCompWizXx Owner posted Oct 23, 14  -  #donate#help#permissions#ranks#realm-craft#Shop
Well first off you can't donate on the website yet because I havent set everything up. Second off, if you want to donate talk to me or tell a staff member that you want to donate and they can give you my skype.
Skype jackson.huse277 (The one with the cirtificates as the photo)
If you want to donate for just perms or something that isnt on the website tell me and I might put it into concideration about making it. And if you want a rank but different prefix DEFENATLY TALK TO ME AND ME ONLY. I am the only one who is supposed to do that so I can keep track of it.

Colorful nicknames!

xXCompWizXx Owner posted Oct 18, 14
Please dont nickname people with colorful nicknames. I made a thing that makes it so that if you want a nickname you have to tell me and I will ask what name and color and if the name is already colored they dont get it unless they want a different color for there name. No one gets Colorful nicknames except staff. Might be soon to change.


If you have any questions please ask me or make a forum post about it Thanks! 
kaldonis Co-Owner i vote no
If you think you were wrongly banned look at the section in the forums that says Ban Archive to see why you were banned. If you didnt do that and you know what you think happened go to the section that says Ban Appeals. Then go and make a thread about what you think really happened.


Server Maintenance

Jacksonnn Owner posted Jul 29, 14
Realm Craft will be in maintenance on August 1st
From 3:00-4:30 PM EST

If you want to help please tell Videog4mer in any way you can. 
SpookyJayden Ω Banned Admin name - Gabe_WC
Raide1992 no the co-owner didn't ban me, some admin said "i'm sorry i have to do this" and then banned...
JacksonDoesYT Owner It probably was him because you griefed spawn even though it was a accident. Do you remember who was online when you got...
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