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New Server information!!!

Videog4mer AOwner posted Jun 2, 14
Server ip:
Server name: Realm Craft 
Server Host:
Videog4mer (me)-Owner
eaglecommando77 - Co-Owner
mf_jordan - Co-Owner
pathfinder357 - Co-Owner
discardedwand82 - Co-Owner
SamthekidRMM - Developer
i2ebel - Developer
jasjajk - Staff Manager
Arcane_Tempest - Head-Admin
kaldonis1 - Admin
Minecraftfish100 - Admin
Twin1aviles - Admin
awesomeness9185 - Admin
Dewy2202 - Admin
vaticanassisan - Head-Mod
WarriorWolf531 - Mod
Andy0700 - Mod
_Eyeless_Jack_ - Mod

Some Extra Information:
If you have any questions about yours or someone elses ranks or about the server please Skype me or Email me:

Skype - jackson.huse277

Email -

NOTE:  I made a skype chat for ALL STAFF MEMBERS. If you are staff and you are not in the skype group please contact me with the info above.
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